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my ex dumped me last month (due to the fact that he just was too immature to be in a relationship),.. however he still begged to be friends and told me not to be mad at him..he called me once after the breakup but i ignored him.. then i got a new cell with a new number ,

(i began seeing a new guy who had the same first name as him, we dated for a month but it just wasnt working)

then 3 weeks later he created a facebook (he never had before)..he added me and started talking to me and then we started texting eachother again...hes been asking to hang out again and seems nicer then usual..he began asking questions about my recent ex boyfriend, asking how long we were together and stuff.

anyways after almost every txt he puts a wink face, and then recently i told him im sick and he said "feel better baby hehe"....

but the thing is is that i only hear from him once a week, when he told me we should hang out that was last week but he never said when...yea so he just texts me bout one day a week so does that mean he doesnt really care?

We dated for a year and a half..

Hello Nancy!

First of all, if his excuse was that he was "too immature" for a relationship don't you think something else is going on here? I sure do. It's the old, "It's not you baby - it's ME" line!

In other words, he dumped you because he wasn't interested in a relationship WITH YOU. Nobody actually tells others they are "too immature". Think about that for a second. He's 100% of his age. I don't care if he's 12-years-old, he'd never think he was "too immature" for anything! Based on what measure would that ever be true?

Here's another thing to consider: after a month, what exactly does he miss? I'll bet it's not whatever fighting you and he had before the breakup. Far more likely, it's the sex. He's now past the point of feeling trapped but is remembering - and missing - the intimacy. Frankly, that's very common in breakups and is the #1 reason why people breakup and then get back together again - often repeatedly.

As to him "caring" there's no possible way for me to know. You know him far better than I do! It's very difficult to use some pattern as any indication of what someone is thinking or feeling. There are just far too many reasons why people do what they do, think what they think and say what they say.

You have a much bigger issue at hand here however. Consider that; whatever broke you two up in the first place (and trust me, it wasn't his "immaturity") is still there! Nothing has fixed that at all. Even if he does "care" the original problems would just come flooding right back once you got back together. Unless you could fix all of that first, it really doesn't matter how much or how little he "cares".

Best regards...

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