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Hello Dennis!

I recently started dating a nice sweet extremely handsome guy I met online, we have tons in common and we are both educated. We hit it off very well. He is an absolutely lovely guy, sweet, shy, smart, funny, kind and compassionate. When he kissed me, he was very gentle and sweet and held me gently for a while. And we've been on about 4 dates now. Everything just feels right :)

Well, turns out he was married for 10 years and his wife cheated on him and left him for another guy (even before she had sex with the guy! It was an emotional affair. She just took off) She's the only woman he's been with in his entire life.

He did not have any anger towards her or trash talk her, he simply told me this was what had happened, and he spent a year or two trying to get over it. His buddies took him to strip clubs and he wasn't into it, he wanted to be in a relationship again. Our first was the day his divorce was finalized. lol.

So i have never dated a newly divorced guy, do you have any advice for me as to how to proceed?

Thank you

Hello Hannah!

There's really no advice to give. You don't have to act or do anything differently than you would with someone who has never been married - at least not with this guy.

It sounds like he's dealt with the situation and has moved on. He's telling you things about his past but doesn't sound like he's emotionally tied to it.

Thus, other than just being a little unskilled (due to lack of experience) in dating, I'd recommend you treat this like anyone else you've dated.

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