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So Mike, as you advised, I ordered the book, and it is amazing! It makes me want to go back and see her all the time to rack up some points haha. Anyways, before I ever read the book, I know that giving a gift is a big no-no! Though, I was wondering, how about giving something as small as coffee? Reason being, she works tonight and we're stuck in this freezing blizzard in ny right now. I figured it would be a nice gesture if I brought her coffee or hot chocolate or is that still considered pushing it a bit much?

Good for you man on ordering the book. It is certainly a worthwhile investment. I'm so glad to hear you found it as amazing as I do! Keep reading it cover to cover 10 times to really absorb the material. You will get something new out of it each time you read it as your mind opens to new ideas.

In reference to your question about bringing her coffee, my gut instinct says NO. I know it seems (and is) a very nice, sweet gesture, but ONLY IF you were already her boyfriend. Otherwise, it's trying too hard IMO. Save those nice gestures for when you guys have gone on 10 amazing dates and are committed to one another. Especially since you are trying to back off from her right now, I would refrain. Just my two cents though.

Stay warm in that crazy blizzard out there!

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