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QUESTION: OK so I am 13 and very very mature and advanced for my age so I want to know if it would be OK to consider dating I know it's a little early in my life for that but I want to love someone so bad and I don't know why what I'm asking is would it be OK to consider dating or even think about sex

ANSWER: It's only natural for a boy your age to think about dating and sex. But in terms of whether that would be appropriate, it seems a little early for someone your age to actually start dating someone. I would wait a few more years and occupy your mind with sports and other interesting hobbies of yours.

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QUESTION: What about porn I am erected all the time is it OK to watch porn honest opinion please

ANSWER: Watching porn opens a can of worms, in my opinion since women who date men and who are obsessed with porn, tend to end the relationship because they are so frustrated that their boyfriends are  comparing them to fantasies. Honestly, I do not think that it is conducive to what you are going through. What you need to be doing is occupying your mind with things that do not involve sex and women. You have to learn about new things in the world, play sports, hang out with friends, take school seriously and work hard at doing it so that you can succeed in the future.

There is tons you can do to help your desires, it just takes time and perseverance.

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QUESTION: One more question OK sorry to bother you OK so I have a girlfriend well kinda um on a messenger app we both like each other a lot but we live so far apart we can't meet in person and I want to really bad I need help with this please help me


this is something that I unfortunately cannot give you permission to do. Since I am not your parent/guardian, you can't ask me whether you can see this girl. It's a messenger relationship for a reason - good thing you two can't see each other, because I do not think the meeting would be appropriate. I suggest you speak to your parents about this and if not, maybe speak to your siblings if you have one. I don't know what to tell you since this is a hard situation to be in. I suggest cutting off ties with this girl so as you don't feel tempted to want to see her or anything of that nature.

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