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Hi Becky

I hope you will be able to provide some advice on this.My question is related to dating for Matured people. I really hope that my mother will be able to meet someone nice  who could be her partner for life.

To give you a background, my mum is a very attractive ,career minded woman in her  fifties. We have always been very close since she has been a single mum and now we are more friends than mother/daughter. She has dated during my teen years but has never really found true love. Her last relationship was five years ago. Since i have been an adult, she has shared her dating experiences with me. Now, I know that her recent boyfriend left her as he found her too intense. She took this breakup rather seriously and has never dated since.

Frankly speaking, all the men she has dated were drawn in towards her because of her looks and her good career. I dont really think she has ever met the guy who has connected to her inner beauty.I was going to suggest her to try online dating as she could get an idea of what kind of men are out there

Iam really not sure how to approach this topic with her. I dont want to be a mother to my mum and find her a boyfriend . I would rather she takes efforts herself and does it the way she prefers. The only thing i know is she is lonely and definitely wants a companion

What would you suggest?

Hi Meg,

It seems like you are a very thoughtful and caring daughter. And I understand why it may be difficult for you to approach the touchy subject with her. I have seen successful stories happen through online dating and have seen it personally in my life through a friend. Her mother was in the same boat and met someone online, who are still dating until today. I think it would be a great idea for her to go through that approach, since it is more appropriate for her age. Or, try and get the scoop on any singles events that she could be interested in and maybe find some friends of hers to go with her (if they're single). I think it would be great for her to branch off into finding friends who are single as well. This could help her socialize more with the "looking to meet someone" crowd, as opposed to her married friends who are retired at home. My best advice is to remain patient and supportive. Your mother is older than the young, freshies out there who are open to meeting new people in a loving manner, rather someone of her age is intimidated by the dating scene (as many would be).

Speak to her about online dating and try and help her sift out the bad ones and give chances to the nice, gentlemen.

Hope this helps,


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