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I am new at the US as an international student(I am from Iran ,do you know where is it?near Armenia) .Do most American girls prefer to date only American men or the nationality does not matter for most of them ?I mean does my nationalty matter for most of them when it comes to dating and possibly marriage?


Yes, I know where Iran is - Armenia too!  (Shat lav!)

The majority of people in America are very open to other nationalities. We connect with other countries via food, entertainment, culture, art, etc. - sometimes even more so than people from some countries! Just imagine being in Tehran and trying to get Chinese food, pizza or a hot dog for instance. You could probably find it, but not very easily. Here (I'm in Los Angeles) I can drive 10 minutes and have some of the best kebab anywhere in the world! (Now I know what I'm having for lunch - yumm!!)

With that said there are some people who are overly nationalistic too and shun anyone or anything that isn't part of their own local culture or experience. We even have a name for these people. We call them "idiots".

So, for some women your nationality might be a problem but for the vast majority it won't be. In fact, most people in the US tend to be fascinated with other cultures.

Another point: your question might be more about political or religious foundations rather than language or skin color. While there are some people in school who track what's going on politically or religiously around the world; most don't. They get some highly-skewed perspectives but little reality. The great news there is that you come with a ton of perspective! That's of great interest to most women simply because it's not something they hear everyday.

One last thing: marriage. One thing you'll find here in the US that will be different from present-day Iran is the focus on marriage. Some women set goals to be married just as you apparently have. That's a mistake in my opinion.

Marriage isn't a "relationship". It's a FORMAT for a relationship. The relationship itself should be what's important regardless of what format it takes. If you are in a bad marriage, there is little else that can bring joy to your life. Worse, you're also stuck there. What's far better is being in a great relationship where you are happy and building something great between you and your partner. If that relationship is in the form of a marriage, or living together or just dating makes little difference. It's the quality of the relationship itself that matters - not the format.

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