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Hello Dr. Neder! Hope you are well.

I am a professional woman and am looking for a dating site that is better for professional women to meet professional and/or educated men.

Which sites do you recommend for me so I can meet a good assortment of men?

I am not looking for millionaires, I'm just looking for men with nice stable jobs in my area who aren't drama queens (err...kings)

I have used the free ones in the past, OkCupid and PlentyOfFish. POF was ok, I went on 7 dates. OKC I got about 30 dates off of. But problem was they lived very far from me and long distance is usually a problem. Also the men didn't seem too serious or too invested in me.

A friend of mine told me the paid ones were way better because the men were actually serious about finding a stable woman to settle down with and start a family, and since it was paid, the men were more easy going, better personalities, and tended to not be crazy or serial murderers (lol).

What do you feel?

What are some free sites you would suggest for me, and what are some paid sites you would suggest for me?

Yes I am 35 years old so I am looking for something serious, to settle down and be with one man, preferably.

Please let me know.

Thank you and regards.

Hello Tammie!

First, I generally don't recommend dating sites. They are a great way to waste a TON of time, money and resources. Further, you have to have specific skills to do well with them. Also, it depends on what you're looking for. Dating sites are far better ways to find sex partners than life partners.

With that said, two of the best (that I know of) are and

There is also a site that is free to join and look through but charges you to read or reply to messages. It's called "". It works by proposing date ideas and people can choose to like your idea from which you can meet.

Again, these are loss-leaders in my humble. It's far better to learn approach and attraction skills and work them in real life.

Best regards...

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