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Greetings, how are you?  My name is Thomas and I would like to ask a few questions about someone I like.  I’m sorry for this being long but I want to be as detailed as I can be.  Well it all started with me starting a new semester at college.  It was in my college algebra class, this girl sat next to me from day one.  I didn’t care at the time and I understood that it was nothing that people will sit next to each other in class.  Second time in class she asked me my number first, and afterwards she apologized for asking my number first without introducing herself first and told me her name and asked me my name, the reason for that she mentioned that she might miss class down the road due to work and asked if I could sign her in the attendance sheet (that gets passed around during class) if she didn’t show up for class, attendance is points.  I told her I was fine with that.  Also, she wanted me to text her the homework assignment that day as well, even though the teacher posts it online the next day.  I was okay with that so I did that on days she didn’t show up.  Some days she left early like 15 minutes left in class (not sure why she just couldn’t stay for 15 minutes) than she turns to me and asks if I could sign her in and text her the homework assignments.  Then one day she asked me if I understand the material I said yes, then she asked me if I could tutor her and that she would pay me.  I said I don’t know not sure.  Weeks later we got a take home test and she wanted me to meet up with her to compare answers, which I did.  She didn’t copy any answers because her uncle helped her because he used to be an Algebra teacher.  So I thought to myself why ask me to be a tutor when the school offers tutor and her uncle was a algebra teacher.  One day she also asked me for a pencil and a piece of gum, which I did give to her.  Half way thru the semester she wrote on a piece of paper her full name and student ID number on it and told me here it’s for the attendance sheet.  I was wondering why give that to me now, I have been just copying her name on the sheet the previous weeks it’s the same sheet that gets past around each week, just sectioned off with a line for a different day, and I wouldn’t trust anyone with my student ID, I mean I’m not going to do anything with it but I would not trust anyone about it especially someone I barely know so why would she?  Also when I do sign her in and text her I did she seemed to be very happy I did over her texting.  We did get a hard homework assignment and she texted me if we can meet up early again she was so lost with the homework and asked “pretty please” and I told her that was fine with me, she responded “Really, I’ll leave right now.”  After the homework she asked me if we can meet up to study together for the second take home exam I was okay with that I told her.  We met up and I helped her on the exam and she bought me lunch afterwards then we got to know each other better during lunch.  She mentioned that she noticed my last name was Irish and I told her I’m part Irish, as I am Korean, German, and Irish.  I never told her my last name.  I guess she saw my last name when she offered to turn in my paper along with hers to the teacher at beginning of the class as I noticed her looking at my paper when she was turning it in.  She told me “thank you for helping me I really, really appreciate it, you basically saved my life.”  I told her “Your Welcome.”  I texted her later “Thank you for lunch.”  “If you need any more help just ask me.”  She texted back “You’re welcome, I’m going to take you up on your offer maybe meet up again for another study session.”  We set up a time period for two study sessions, but on Wednesday she texted me that she had bad news as both the days she has work one day they called her in and the other she forgot she had work.  And the same day she asked me “I know it’s last minute can you show up tonight at school for another study session pretty please I’m free tonight.”  I told her I couldn’t that day as I had other things to do.  Than we texted back and forth to set up another time period for another study session, she basically texted me 14 times that day to set up another day.  She first told me Monday at 2 pm I was like okay sure, than she said how about earlier maybe 11 am and I told her okay.  She told me she wanted to go over the homework with me and turn the home work in during office hours and not show up for class that day and the teacher plans on having a review for the final that day, reason being because she doesn’t understand the teacher much (teacher has a language barrier) and she wanted me to meet up with her on a different day to go over with her whatever the teacher went over.  It’s actually on Wednesday day before Thanksgiving.  Schools closed and I think public library closed too so we might have to meet somewhere else.  Basically I was wondering if this person likes me?  Or she just trying to pass the class by whatever means necessary.  Because at first I was not looking for someone but I am starting to like her a lot.  Why would she need my help when her uncle was a teacher that teaches the same subject?  I understand no one can read minds but can you tell me what do you make of this.  I apologize for this being so long.

Hello Thomas!

Yes you're correct. I don't read minds.

My response? Ho. Lee. Crap. Why in the HELL can't you break up your thoughts into paragraphs? You bothered to put in periods which many people won't even do (good for you!) but making this one loonnnggg run-on paragraph makes it VERY difficult to read!

Further, why do you think that her asking for a pencil and gum or that school closing for national holidays makes ANY difference as to my "analysis" of what in the hell this girl is "thinking"??

Then, instead of asking me the REAL question you wanted to ask, you ask me "what do I make of this?" Trust me Thomas, you don't really want to know my answer to that.

Best regards...

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