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There was this girl I felt was interested in me in college. So I reciprocated some interest as well, by asking her questions about herself and her college. i also iniated a text conversation.The next thing I know she starts ignoring me. Then suddenly she starts acknowledging me in person and then she plays cold again.

I was pissed off and I began ignoring her. I was very cold to her in person, barely said a hi every time we met. And I never texted her at all anymore. I did this for about 2 months.

Once she even went on to compliment my profile pic on Facebook when I have her the cold shoulder in college. I know that she was trying to get my attention back, probably fearing she lost it.

However, recently my friend spoke about me to her. She was saying some good things about me such as I was a damn sweet and damn cool guy.

So I thought of maybe just wishing her luck before our final exams. I never got a chance to meet her in school, so I tested her. She replied and we talked awhile. She then said we should meet up and I asked her if lunch around college would be okay. She said sure. Then I set a day but she couldn't make it and she said the following week would be good. Then our conversation broke down when she didn't reply my last text. So I followed up after 3 days asking her when were her papers. She didn't reply and it has been 5 days since.

To be honest I really feel disrespected. I know she is playing some sort of game, but was she even sincere when she said we should meet up? I was sincere when I wished her all the best, and she could have just said thanks and talked something else. Why did she have to initiate something she was not serious about? I think it's extremely rude of her.

Now how do I react to her? Also, did I screw up with her? I still am interested in her. What can I do to turn things around? If there is no way at all for us to get together, at the very least, even if I do not get this girl, I want to restore some self respect and let her know that I can't be bothered. What do I do?"

you send one final email, which says something like, "hello you know i've been trying to set up a plan for us to get together but you haven't been very responsive; if you still have an interest in meeting up, let me know, otherwise, i wish you all the best.."..fondly, gareth

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