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Who should I choose?  There are two men at work who are interested in me. One who thinks the world of me and makes a lot of effort to chase me (he's 5 years older), I was not interested before but I'm very flattered and have considered the possibility of developing things further. The other guy (4 years younger) who I initially really liked and I think he knows this, he's very laid back and doesn't like to push things and does not make as much effort, after all, he already has plenty of girls who automatically go to him and he is used to this.  I am more traditional, and prefer the man to initially make the effort to come to me as I do definitely give a lot in return.  Both know the other is interested in me, but the one I really like is not going to fight for me I don't think, and I am strict that it has to be the man who makes most of the effort, at least initially, and of course I will do my bit, I just want to set some ground rules for the type of relationship I'm after, I hate when a man who expects to laze around and let the woman run after him.  The guy I like actually keeps checking out how I respond to the other guy's advances but doesn't do anything but sulk.  I know he can be kind, loyal and decent.  But also perhaps inexperienced and a little arrogant to think that I'll sail over to him like all the others.  The other man who is making a lot effort is smart and almost strategic, I wasn't aware at first, but then recently he's become more obvious and then the penny dropped, all those coincidences were strategically planned and he's even got his friends to help to get us together!  I'm of course very flattered, but also a little scared of all this 'manipulation'.   He also loves to talk to pretty young girls although I also know he is someone very traditional.  Should I move on? If the guy I like was really that interested he would have made more effort, don't you think?  And of course, I don't want to start something with the other guy just as a replacement, I do want to give him my genuine attention.

hmm... Well  Daisy I don't think you should choose either one of them. Simply because the one you want doesn't sound like he's that interested in you( Which is okay you can always find someone else) and the one who really likes you, you're not interested in so you shouldn't waste you time with someone that you don't truly like because you'll end up hurting him and yourself. You just have to find someone where the feeling is mutual. Exposure is the Key! Go out to bars, restarants, or lounges to see if you can snag a few dates. Unfortuanely at times dating is not easy and you will have to kiss alot of frogs to find you prince. So just take it easy and I'm pretty sure you're very beautiful and will not have any problems finding a guy.

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