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Hi Dr. Neder!

 Recently I met this girl at a blood drive. We chatted a little, and let her go on her way while I mingled with the others. Mind you, I've never been to the property it was on (Armenian Church) let alone the members so I was trying to be nice and antisocial. I ended up donating blood, and hung out for a while longer. When I went home, I added her on LinkedIn and FaceBook. The LinkedIn she accepted, but didn't make a move on FaceBook. I sent a message stating who I was on both.
  Since then, we've been leaving small messages, and she disclosed that she's busy working on a set for a play for her church. I wanted to escalate the matter, so I stated that she could always text me at (Insert Number Here) if she was too busy to get on LinkedIn. When we message, it's friendly and she replies but it's usually right around four to five days. I started out trying to text back when I can, but now I'm starting to lay back a day and let her wait. Any other recommendations you can make? I'm starting to wonder about moving on to the next one since she hasn't given me her number. The cumulative time it's been is about three weeks that we've been messaging each other? Thanks much!!


Hello Andrew!

Being "nice and antisocial"? Those things seem glaringly contradictory.  :)

Any other recommendations? Yeah: move on. This one's not happening.

LinkedIn is a business network. Facebook is a social network. That's why she didn't add you on the latter but did on the former - she's not interested in a social connection with you. She doesn't text and won't return messages until 4-5 days later out of a lack of interest. Nobody is that busy.


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