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Hi, I have been with my partner over 3 years now, we were previously engaged but I called the wedding off as it didn't feel like the right thing to do, we were going through a particularly toxic patch in our relationship and because of that I couldn't go through with it. All this aside, I love him more than life itself, he's 13 years older than me and I've always gone for mature men.  But I just can't shake this nagging feeling like I've just fallen out of love with him, of natural causes, not necessarily because of either of our behaviour, although of course we've had our arguments.

I have an 8 year old son from a previous relationship if I can even call it that, basically my son has chosen to sever all ties with his biological father, because he now considers my partner to be his dad. My partner has health problems as do I, sometimes I feel completely worn down by it all, i'm trying to concentrate on furthering my career by going to university this year and hopefully he'll be able to get a job shortly after I start. I just can't help feeling that loving him is not enough if I'm no longer in love, but I really don't want to break up my family and hurt my son, I think it is purely for his sake I am staying. I feel really trapped, if I wasn't feeling like this we would still be happy and making plans, but I can't shake this feeling of nagging doubt. I am in a right puzzle, please help :(

You should definitely give yourself and both of you time to figure things out. There should be no pressure right now to marry or break up. The only pressure you would experience is the one that you impose on yourself or you impose on each other, and it's never a good decision if it's made out of pressure.



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