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Dear Karen,

My name is Ryan. I'm 19 years old. The girl i like is 20 years old. Prior to this, i've never kissed a girl, or had a girlfriend.

Yesterday, when I first met her, we got on well. I guess she seemed to like me even more than I liked her. Though I really liked her and i thought she was very pretty.

At the end of that day, i gave her a hug as we said both said our goodbyes to each other.
It wasn't similar to the hug one gets from their friends or parents; when i hugged her, we both wrapped our arms around each other. It felt really good, and sent shivers down my spine (in a good way).

Today, we met again, in Chinatown (It was the Chinese New Year Festival in London, which i'm sure you know about, being British yoursef). She looked lovely and when we were walking through the crowds, we held hands (just normally, not with fingers interlocked).
The date lasted about 5 hours (12.30pm - 5.30pm) and two of her friends came with us (1 boy and 1 girl- though they were talking to each other a lot of the time, which left me and the girl i like, together).

At the end of spending the day with her (+two of her friends who mainly talked between each other), we had dinner and took the train home together (her friends left after dinner).
I tried taking her hand again. She held it only for several seconds or so, as she then removed her hand and said she needed to check her phone in her bag. I took this as a sign that she lost interest in me.
A few moments later, I asked her if she had a boyfriend. She said no.

Afterwards, we said goodbye as we arrived at the train platform which we had to take separate trains. She said goodbye to me. And then i kissed her on the cheek (The first time i ever kissed a girl!).
The kiss only lasted a second, and she didn't seem to recoil. But she kept the same smile on her face. Her expression didn't change into a bigger smile or a giggle. She just kept the same smile and said goodbye again. And the then waved goodbye to each other and left.
It's been 3 hours since the end of the date and I haven't heard from her.

Did it go well? Can i try to kiss her on the lips next time? Unfortunately, when i kissed her on the cheek, i didn't feel that special feeling that i did yesterday. Just a lot of confusion, and questioning myself whether she really likes me. I'm worried that because of this, the cheek kiss didn't feel special to her.

Thank you for reading, I await your response,


P.S. Her friend (the girl) knows I like her. She may have told her after our date.

Hi Ryan,

Sorry for the delay in my response.

These things are hard to ascertain. Take it slowly and get to know one another, the only way of knowing whether she likes you is to take that chance and ask for further dates each time. There's always a chance of getting hurt but if she's right one for you, you'll both know after a few dates.

All the best!


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