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I'm new to dating, but not sex. Until this point I've preferred to "hit it and quit it" or really casual hookups.

I went to the movies with this guy completely as friends and we spent some time just hanging out afterwards. We'd known each other in high school, but never really talked much other than the occasional project. However, when we were hanging out this time, things kind of just clicked. We ended up cuddling and making out. We hanged out a couple more times, again cuddling and making out, and he eventually brought up the topic of dating. After he brought this up, he asked me if I wanted to spend the night. We made out intensely, and eventually I was in only my underwear. It never went past intense making out though. I eventually decided why the heck not and agreed to dating despite having no experience in it.

We hang out and it's a lot of fun, but now it's like he doesn't want to touch me. I think it's really cool that we can hang out without it being about needing to touch each other, but I have my limits. When I try to turn our small kisses into anything more, he pulls back. When I jokingly tease "you better stop that, or I'll kiss you!" he always stops immediately. Am I missing something? Does dating mean no more making out and such? I'm just really confused, and it's starting to make me not feel desirable... I know I'm attractive and a good kisser... And neither of us has any religious thing holding us back from a little bit of action, so what's going on?

I don't know your age but generally dating does reduce the amount of making out to most guy's disappointment. But often times people date  or become "serious" is to gain something more meaningful than touching. I would take it as a compliment that he isn't interested only  in getting in your pants. I wouldn't let it make you  feel less desirable.  All that matters is he'd rather spend time with you than just about anything else.

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