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Very much confused about my Virgo guy. Anyone help me get out of this.?  
We are in love with each other. He is born on 16th September. He is suddenly harsh and avoiding me. Telling things that he trusts his intuition than words. Yesterday we had sex and immediately after sex he kind of asked me about my ex and he said he doesn't feel good and i understood that he thinks I and my ex had sex which is not true. If I tell him I and my ex had never been close enough for that, he says that he has the feel like that. I don't know why he behaves so insane. Hard to leave him though. He avoids me now. Not talking to me properly. What should I do?

NOTE: He has taken lot of steroids for 7 + years and he says he had bipolar disorder as an effect of steroid and he could not control what is happening and he gets more anxious and aggressive than he could control for no reason. This is not the first time he does like this, 3 times he has acted weird for no reason and starts shouting something. I, being a cancer woman could not withstand the heart break everytime he does this.

Hello Lavanya!

The date of his birth and his/your signs have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what he's doing. The very first thing you need to do is to stop putting faith in ridiculous magic and start dealing with the facts; which are these:

He's a long-term drug abuser with bipolar personality disorder. What else do you need to know? If he's not in his right mind how could you ever expect to make sane, rational choices about this person and his actions? Answer: you can't. It's impossible to respond effectively to someone who is not mentally stable.

So, what should you do? First, as already stated, stop thinking that astrology has anything at all to do with reality. It doesn't. Second, recognize that if you're going to be with this guy and he has all these untreated problems you're going to get to experience this wonderful joy on a regular basis. If you can't deal with it (which you can't) then you're going to have to move on and find someone who is sane and rational.

You're not going to fix or cure him. He has to seek professional help on his own and then; after months or more likely, years, he might be more predictable. Then and only then will he be ready for a relationship.

Best regards...

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