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Hello Dr Neder

I would like to ask for your advice on something that happened to me yesterday.

There is a guy that I was seeing casually, and we had sex on several occasion. Then all of a sudden he just told me he was too busy to see me, but we would still talk on the phone. When I did try to initiate a date, he told me that I wasn't interested in him, which was not true. I told him this and he seemed relieved with this.

When I tried to set up a date, he kept blowing me off and saying he was busy with work, family, or he wouldn't answer at all. When I asked him what the problem was and whether we could sort it out, he kept giving me different answers, which started to sound like excuses. I asked him whether he still wanted to see me and he ignored the question.

We haven't seen each other for 2 months but still talked on the phone. Just yesterday, I got a missed call from him, but when I returned  call within 1 hour, because I went to dinner and didn't have my phone on me, he
was quite rude, saying that I didn't answer his call and my response time took ages. I was absolutely pissed off with him for saying this and told him that I didn't like to be spoken to like this and explained why I didn;t ring him back ASAP he immediately tried to end the conversation.

I tried calling him today and he was quite blunt, telling me he couldn;t talk, but he still wanted to see me.

I was just wanting your opinion and advice?

Thank you


Hello Jenny!

Opinion: he's not interested in you.

Advice: move on.

Best regards...

Dr. Dennis W. Neder
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