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Hello Cleopatra ,how're you doing?
I gave my number to this girl who I met in the faculty( I don't have her number;I told her "let's get to know each other more"; she then asked for my number). I don't know whether she is really interested or not and because our faculty is small ,if I flirt with other girls in the faculty ,she will notice or her friends very likely will tell her.So ,as I find her really attractive,I have to wait and not to flirt with other girls in our faculty.

How many days should I wait for her to call me?

If a girl is interested , typically in how many days she would call?

I will really appreciate your great advice !

(I am 29 ,she is about 26 ).

Cleopatra Isis E. Integrated Master Life Coach
Cleopatra Isis E. Inte  
Hello Sia, hope you're having a good day. Depending on a girls personality most woman take time to call because they would like the guy chase them instead. I would say out of 20 women, there are 5 that will actually pick up the phone to call a guy they are interested in.

Also she only took, your number, and did not give you her's which means she is unsure about taking this somewhere "Dating" and needs to figure out how to approach this situation. I would either ask for her number, shoot her a text and go from there. Good luck Sia!

By Cleopatra Isis E.
Integrated Master Life Coach  

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