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About three weeks ago I met this very beautiful girl outside of the library. I approached her but didn't try to "pick her up" using fake lines etc, I simply started talking about how quiet it was outside. Later on I told her I was on my way to a Christian singles meeting to learn how to dance. She inquired about it and after that we both parted ways. I didn't know if i would see her again. About two weeks later I saw her again, this time at another Christian group. When I came up to her I started teasing and bantering with her about not remembering my name. I was simply being lighthearted and she immediately opened up to me. She laughed and told me "I can't hear you its too loud in here", so she gathered her things and moved right in front of me so we could   talk. Now the interruptions; One of her friends came over and told her they were going outside, afterwards she and I resumed conversing. A few minutes later one of my friends came into the conversation; he asked questions like "How did you guys know each other?". He also asked her a bunch of questions and leaned into her when he couldn't hear her. When we resumed conversation with me and her he was just standing behind me saying nothing. I saw the look in her face and she seemed uncomfortable and quickly walked off. I wanted to tell the guy off, but I just played it cool. I'll try to make a move next week.

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Good story.

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