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Since I am older and have more experienced I learned that it is important to have fun, be yourself and have no expectations.
I was dating someone and he moved to denver and out of the blue I recieved a text message from this guy named Sean who I met last summer at a bar at one of those speed dating events. I was very suprised to hear from him after several months. He says he apologized for his supppper late response because he was in Dubai for 6 months. He just back to the city 10 days ago and was looking at his phone that he left in the states and saw me.  I was kind of impressed that he remembered me so well. I never even bothered to put his phone number into my phone!
I remembered I sent him an email, he responded and havent heard from him since.
Anyway  we got together last Friday and we seemed to click very well. He is an investment banker and he is successful. We were touching each other gradually for instance touching our hands, knees and giving each other a backrub. I felt like I have known him for awhile and usually I don' get comfortable or cuddle with someone like that so soon.
He would stare at my dazingly and admire my figure. He made several compliments and I showed him some photographs of me in my phone and there was a time he was peeking, it was really cute and he admiitted that he was peeking! We shared laughs and it was fun. We left and walked around a seemed like he wanted to kiss me in the park but it was closed off.
We got in a cab since we were both going the same direction and while we were in the car he seemed quite fideity and next thing i know...he swoops around putting his hand on neck and kisses me. He was kind of aggressive with his kisses and we somehow bumped our heads into one another a few times, I laughed and I could also tell that the cab driver was watching us. The cab was bouncing around and I showed him that I wanted to be kissed lightly.  
I got off and we gave each other a quick kiss, he says see you soon. I kind of felt bad because he was trying to make a smooth move to impress me but it was kind of awkward. So the next day I text him letting him know that I had a nice time and that I wanted to see him again. He responded saying DITTO. I responded several hours later that evening with a smile and he responded saying giong to bed ttyl and this was last sat night.
So everything seemed to go well and I hope he will ask me out again for a second date. Do you think he will?  Do mean play the wait and power game?

Hello Alison!

I don't read minds and thus, I can't tell you what he's going to do. If you want an answer, well then, maybe?

No "mean" (men) don't play these games like "hard to get". He's not doing that. I'm sure he's legitimately busy. With that said however, it's only been a week. That's not really a lot of time for us guys. Of course, I know it is for you.

Keep in mind that he likely has other numbers of women he met at that same speed dating event and might be "trying them on" at this point.

I'd give him a few days. If you don't hear from him by Tuesday of next week just text him and ask him how his weekend was. At least that way you're staying on his radar. If he doesn't pick up and ask you out for next weekend, I'd move on.

Best regards...

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