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General Dating Questions/Married guy is friendly or flirting?? Confused!


Is it normal for a married guy to text you every 2-3 days or more frequent to ask you things like:
- am I eating dinner alone
- am I taking the metro home alone
- whether I've packed for my holiday the night before my flight
- to say "safe travels" on the morning of my flight
- to ask me whether I've arrived my holiday destination and if I have wifi or internet connection at my hotel
- to ask me if I'm back from holiday yet 2 weeks later
- ask me if I'm adjusted back to regular schedule after my holiday
- to ask if what my weekend/Friday plans are
- every week ask me how my early breakfast meeting went (he knows I have a 7am work meeting every week, and always texts me that afternoon to ask how it went)
- compliments my career, how hard I work and how lucky he is to know me
- Whether I'm attending certain functions which he will be attending
- Other random topics about our mutual friends, business associations, work etc.


I've only known this guy for around 1.5 months at a dinner ball and he drove me home that night. I initially didn't know he was married and he was also the one who offered. He's always the one who initiates the texting. Considering how consistent his texts are, I now feel this habit is starting to be unhealthy. We have mutual friends who have only ever said great things about him, so I'm unsure if I'm being paranoid or if something is really "off" about all of this. None of my other married male friends have done this to me before either. I've got no experience with this...

Is he just being friendly or has romantic intentions? Please give insight to this! FYI I'd never date a married guy (I'm totally against adultery!)...I just want clarification on whether this type of behavior is normal for a happily married guy.

Cleopatra Isis E. Integrated Master Life Coach
Cleopatra Isis E. Inte  
Hello V, hope you're having a good day so far. You are not being paranoid, this man is flirting with you in a passive manner. I feel like he is testing the water to see how you respond , and by respond I mean he's hoping you will flirt back. It is unhealthy of him to do this and have romantic intentions considering his circumstances, it's unrealistic as well on his part. Even though, you guys have mutual friends it doesn't mean you have to talk to him. There are ways of nipping this in the bud by being cordial if you see him face-to-face, and limiting the response to his text. If he does continue after let him know it is inappropriate, and you are not looking for this sort of thing. Hope this helps.  

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