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I have been with my boyfriend for about 4 years now.I'm worried because he wants to have sex too much. I'm talking 1 to 3 times a day, everyday. There is not a day that goes by that we don't. If not sex, he wants oral. I know it's my fault that I always did what he wanted even when I didn't want to, but I'm really worried. Whenever I tell him no, he acts as if I'm the worst girlfriend in the world and that I never give him sex, even if we've done it twice already the same day. I am very satisfied with the sex when we do it, but I'm really worried that I'm not enough for him. That he'll leave me or cheat on me to satisfy himself. It feels that it's all about sex for him. He's told me he loves me and wants to marry me someday but I'm Really hesitant because of this. I've told him that it bothers me but he got angry and kinda shut down on me. Making me feel like a horrible girlfriend cause I don't want to take care of him. Am I wrong? Is there such a thing as too high of a sex drive? Should I really be worried if this doesn't stop?

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Good afternoon V, hope you're having a good Monday. No V your not wrong, and you're certainly not a bad girlfriend. It sound like your boyfriend has a sex addiction which needs to be treated, or it will most definitely wreck your relationship. He's addicted to the high one gets from sex from pleasure plus, the endorphins thus your boyfriend wants to keep that rush going.

Don't get me wrong it's okay to have sex everyday, even multiple times, but if that comes with demands or conditions then there is a problem. The fact that he is shutting down, and throwing temper tantrums because you want to give your body a rest makes him the unreasonable one, its down right selfish. It's not fair of him to backed you into a corner, nor should you have to cave out of fear he'll cheat. My advice is to let him know how you feel, and that he needs to speak with a professional about this, or it will ruin your relationship.

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