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Thank you for your time, I am using online dating.And I'm in the middle of chatting to a guy.He is 36 and I'm 33 he has a place of his own.I am trying to think the best way.To say, that I'm living at home, with my brother and my dad.Straight away if your still living at home.In general, many people think negatively. Even some find it a turn off,that you have everything done for you & so on spoilt.For me,It's just temporary,I'm very much.Hands on and responsible on taking care of myself.I don't look to anyone to do things for me.I do my own cooking and at times.Also for my brother and Dad.As well as taking care of the house.I don't entertain lazyness,I will be finishing up work soon.And looking into doing a course in Legal administration.From that a good possibility to work in that area of administration. Would love to move out and have my own place. The own thing stopping me is not having the money to.So,whats the best way to soften it in telling him? How to say it in away that doesn't turn him off.Short and sweet not a list of me explaining myself.  Thank you so much!

Hello Julie-Ann!

I think you're making way more of this than you should. Ok, so your circumstances put you living at home with family. So what?

Consider that; if you were a guy rather than a girl, you'd be looked on far more dubiously. But, you're not. Most guys aren't going to go overboard and judge you as harshly as women would a man in the same situation.

So, RELAX! When it comes up, just explain it casually and don't make a big deal out of it - it's not a big deal.

Instead, focus on your goals and future - where you're going - not where you've been. That's going to turn him on. Trust me.

Best regards...

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