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I've had quite an odd relationship (in my opinion) with my boyfriend. We met each other at a house party before I moved across country for school. We were both in a relationship with other people and totally annoyed by each other and didn't want anything to do with the other the first night we met. Then, I moved away for school. I got home sick after the first semester so I ended up moving back. We ran into each other again on the sidewalk outside of a bar on New Years Eve 2010 and ended up kissing by the end of the night. We exchanged numbers and ended up hanging out again a month or two after breaking up with my boyfriend at the time. He is a party animal and plays sports like his life depends on it - he's a lot of fun to be around.

In March 2010 we began "seeing each other" but not exclusively. That summer I spent almost every night with him and assumed he would ask me to be serious with him. A year past and we still hadn't made it official - I decided to show him how "un-official" we were by sleeping with someone else and letting him know that I did. Almost a week later he decided to ask me to be his girlfriend.

Now, August 2014, our anniversary is about to come up and I'm wondering if we've made any serious progress since the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. We both graduated college and found jobs and moved in together. He's still never told me he loves me or feels comfortable holding my hand or stands up for me if someone hurts my feelings. He was raised differently from me, but I'm still hurt that he's uncomfortable being affectionate, even when we're alone - unless it has to do with sex…he's totally comfortable with sex. Another thing, ever since we graduated and moved in together - he never makes time for me. Every weekend he's either traveling with his friends, at a party, or playing sports. I feel totally worthless to him and am wondering why we are even together. I told him tonight that there's no difference between us and two roommates who have sex sometimes.

I would hate to be without him, because I do love him. I just feel like his lack of attention and communication with me is causing my feelings towards him to disappear. I've talked to him about spending time with me, but it's not something I want to force…plus - if you have to force someone to spend time with you, then it's not worth it.

I'm thinking I should probably just let it go. Even though he's 30 and I'm 25, I don't think he's going to ever stop partying and want to think seriously about a future with me. Am I right?

Cleopatra Isis E. Integrated Master Life Coach
Cleopatra Isis E. Inte  
Sorry for the delay Linda, I was on vacation-hope all is will with you. Linda, I would have to say that if after four years this guy has not said I love you, is still being a total bro and partier then its time to move forward. I know you care about him. However you are not getting your fair end of the relationship. You deserve to be loved, and told how much he cares about you. Also, he should be taking you on these trips. By this time in a relationship, you guys should have been solid, not having a college relationship. I feel like  this guy is wrapped up in his lifestyle, and since he has the fair end of the relationship he is not going to budge. It is very selfish. I do not see this man changing, so its time for you to take care of yourself. It makes take you a little time, but I would start prepping to get out of this situation and open yourself up for healthy relationship Linda. Hope this helps-good luck Linda.

- Cleopatra Isis E.
Integrated Master Life Coach

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