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Hello and Good day,

I recently started dating this girl, few months actually. We started off as friends last year then i began sending her text messages every now and then. I got to know her through our conversation. I made sure she also laughs at my jokes and funny comments. And then, i ask her to go out with me and she said yes.. at first it was just a friendly meet up but after 2 meetings, i admit my intention to date her. She said it is ok to her. Later on, we went to movies; hold hands, share foods, share some pickup lines, lovely and caring messages. Until one day i finally said i love her and she said thank you and she appreciates me. So we went another few dates, went to movies, attend some errands, etc.

The problem is this, she suddenly stop responding to my text messages and even calls and facebook messages. I asked her what the problem was since I can’t remember anything that I have done wrong. we had a very good date before she start ignoring me. She replied that there's no problem between us. She just need some time and space.. So i decided to cool off, but i made sure that at least once a day, i send her good morning or good night. So i said to her that i will give her space and time.. It has been two weeks already that she does not even respond to my Good mornings or how are you’ s..

Sorry if the message was a bit long... i am just wondering what is the problem based on your experience? Is her interest in me fading? I am planning to ask her directly if she still wants me or not... i am going to tell her that if ever she does not like me anymore, it is fine with me.. That i will respect her decision..

Thanks again and hope you can help me

Hello Miguel!

The problem is two-fold: first, that she wasn't really that interested in you and second, that you're smothering her. Now, she's just trying to get away from you.

Do NOT ask her directly. What I just told you is the reality. If you message her (or call, etc.) she's not going to respond. Women in general aren't good with these sorts of confrontations.

Instead, STOP contacting her altogether. No more "good morning" messages. No more "hows it going" messages. No more Facebook likes or comments - nothing. You need to get some distance here. The reasons are to give her distance. She never even gets a chance to miss you! And also to get your own head cleared.

This is the time to start meeting new women.

Best regards...

Dr. Dennis W. Neder
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