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Hey, got a few questions for you.

So I met this girl that works close to where I work, for some reason she asked me for my number, and texted me a few days later, we were talking, everything was going well, she told she wanted to be honest and told me that she had a boyfriend, I told her that it wasn't a problem, I'm not jealous, and told her that I also had a girlfriend and she said the same thing back to me (that she is not jealous) so everything was going pretty well, until the next day when I called her, she was with her boyfriend so she was kind of avoiding conversation, so I noticed ant told her that I wouldn't bother her again, few minutes later she calls back, and apologizes and tells me that she was with her boyfriend so she could talk, I told her everything was good and finish the conversation.

The next day she comes to my job, so when I go to say hi to her by shaking her hand she pulls me to hug her and kiss her ( not really a kiss but our lips did touch, kind of a half kiss)
But the she starts talking about why I called her and that her boyfriend is really jealous, and not to call her again like that, because the second time she called it was her boyfriend who asked her so he could listen our conversation, but then she said that she still likes me and wants to speak to me, so when its time for her to leave, I go to say goodbye, hug her and tried to kiss her but she didn't let me, saying that I like things that are forbidden, and I told her "of course, it's always better that way"  then she laughed and said that she had to go, when she stepped out I told her: "you know... I going to get that kiss from you" she looked back and smiled, later on I texted her some emoticons reminding her of what I said, she texted back saying: "i don't want any problems, please"

Since that I texted her a few times after that, she  hasn't reply, so I don't understand, one minute she says she likes me, the next she don't want to talk to me.

What can I do?
Did I come too hard at her by telling her about kissing her?
If yes, do I still have a chance? How do I get it?

Thank you, J.

Hello J I don't think your coming on to hard, but you do have a problem and it's called trying to talk to a woman who has a boyfriend. First talking to women who are already taken makes you look desperate dude. Second, its not worth the drama that comes with a woman with a boyfriend. So J no I don't think you came on two hard. Half the reason more than likely has to be because her boyfriend is suspicious of her and she feels guilty. I'm not sure what your intentions are with this woman but I hope it's not long term because if she's going behind her boyfriend's back I pretty sure she would have no problem going behind you back. We reap what we sow J. Now she seems like a woman that enjoys that role play type of stuff so she may come back to your job and try to seduce you again. Please be alert and if  in a crazy way you do want to be with her then make her leave her boyfriend instead of snooping around. It makes things better for both sides. Good luck.  

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