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QUESTION: Hi Markeyus,
Wanted to get a second opinion on this. A guy who I used to see at work asked me out last month. Told me that he always had a crush on me, wanted to ask me out for years. He even told me he was going to sweep me off my feet and then said he only said that because he was loopy from taking NyQuil.

I've been on vacation for a month and we got in touch today to plan our date. He wanted to go to lunch nearby his office. I suggested we do something else because that seemed boring. I also had a weird feeling about it, like he was only thinking of his own convenience, or doesn't have time to date properly, or wants to meet during the day so his wife/girlfriend doesn't find out what he's up to. Why do you think he might want to go on a lunch date? Also, what do you think about his strong come-on?

Maybe I am being a little demanding, but after waiting a month to go out with him I thought he would've come up with something a little better. I thought of a few date ideas, too. Might use those if he doesn't come back with something better. What are your thoughts?

ANSWER: It's too early to know what his intentions are or if he has a girlfriend or wife. Although going to lunch together so close to work is risky in itself, I would still see what this guy has to offer. Go on a lunch date and see if he's legit or not therefore you don't have to be in a compromising situation if you find out he's married or in a relationship while on an actual date. But this situation does sound a little fishy on his part, but you never know he could be nervous or awkard. Please let me know what happens next.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Why is going to lunch close to his work risky? I don't work in that area only he does. I already told him I'd prefer to do something else, so the lunch date is out the window unless I tell him otherwise. He said he would get back to me with another idea. We'll see what happens.

So did he ever get back with you? And I'm sorry I was under the impression that you guys worked in the same office, but now I see what you're talking about. Yes it does sound a little fishy that he asked you out to a lunch date instead of an actual date. Either he is nervous and don't know exactly where to take you or he has a girlfriend and wants his cake and eat it too. Please update me as to what happens next, but you're correct to keep guard up until further notice.  

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