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I met this guy from work in about March..we work together and gradually got to know each other just as friends and as co-workers. In late August, he started facebook messaging me and then he gradually gave me his number and we started texting and talking on the phone. He admitted that he had a huge crush on me, and I told him the same but because we were both unavaibale no one press the issues. After several weeks on the phone, and seeing each other in passing at work, we went on out first date earlier this month. IT was fun, and we still talk on the phone but only saw each other after work for like half hour just catching up and kissing each other goodbye, but no more dates...and it has been a month.

Two days ago he asked me "make him a male crush on facebook, like male crush monday" I asked him " are you sure because then our coworkers will question you" He said " are you ready" and I said fine. I posted him picture as " MCM" and then he posted my picture as "WCW"....and now our coworkers know...However, we have never had the talk about us being together or in a relationship just kinda seeing each other..he has told his best friends about me and stated that " im talking to her outside of work" but on FB his friends and family have probably seen my picture and questioned it...but what does this mean?? WE never had a relationshio talk, we been seriously talking about one month, and one dates yet he asked me to posted out pictures on multimedia for our coworkers and friends and family to see...Im so confused.

Emma, sometimes things don't require an explicit description. The nature of woman is to have things said out loud and actualized. Whereas as you can clearly see, there didn't need to be the high-school boyfriend/girlfriend talk in order to know whether he liked you or not. Rather he was forward about putting the two of you as profile picture worthiness. This tells me, and I'm not even in the relationship, that you're clearly an item.

Now, if he was totally  confusing, like potentially seeing other women, then I would be curious to understand his motives. But none of that is necessary since he isn't giving you any reason to be confused. If you'd like some quality time spent with him, meaning, words of affirmation, then I would just tell him that you'd like some clear cut definitions as to what is going on - subtly, of course.

Best of luck!


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I can answer almost everything. I am religious person who strongly believes in G-d. If spiritual guidance is also something that you are seeking for, then I am careful and competent in that region. I am also very aware that it's hard to ask for help, with that being said, I am sensitive to others feelings and have gone through hardships in relationships, which demonstrates a quality of empathy and consciousness when it comes to everyday dating situations. I can answer break-up confusions/confusions in dating in general. I can NOT read minds and can answer to the best of my ability in regards to the detail you provide me. With that in consideration, please do not send me pages of information. Pick the most important and effective way to explain the problem and we can make this our problem and our solution together.


I have been in confusing relationships. Most of all I was in a 5 year relationship that really helped me in developing my intellect and sensitivities, which also played a huge role in discovering myself and those around me.

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