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I am a 27 year old male and I am head over heels in love with another women my age. I have been seeing her for about a year now. I feel emotions more deeply then other people (I am very sensitive). I am afraid that I am getting too involved emotionally with her. I have dated other and have had breakups and it took me a while to get over them and they were no where as serious as this one. This relationship is so intense, lots of passion, lots of love. I don't know what to do with her and I think my emotions are out of control. I can't imagine the pain I would be in if something went wrong. I feel way to vulnerable and attached. How can I practice non attachment with her without cutting her off entirely?



Jason, doing that will sever your relationship. Rather, sometime we feel out of control because we really are out of control over the moon for someone, but in most cases come the Western culture, these feelings are rather exerted but nothing comes of them. So like you've experienced, heartbreak follows.

My best advice is to just ask her what she wants of this relationship. Does she see a future. Better yet, stop yourself from being so overly infatuated and while you may not be thinking marriage, you can think "wife type" and see if she possess things that you value important in a marriage and family. If you see that she has these qualities, look into the future briefly and see if she's in it. If so, see where she's holding with her emotional state and take it from there.

One thing at a time my friend, but organize your thoughts during this time.

May the Universe be with you,


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I can answer almost everything. I am religious person who strongly believes in G-d. If spiritual guidance is also something that you are seeking for, then I am careful and competent in that region. I am also very aware that it's hard to ask for help, with that being said, I am sensitive to others feelings and have gone through hardships in relationships, which demonstrates a quality of empathy and consciousness when it comes to everyday dating situations. I can answer break-up confusions/confusions in dating in general. I can NOT read minds and can answer to the best of my ability in regards to the detail you provide me. With that in consideration, please do not send me pages of information. Pick the most important and effective way to explain the problem and we can make this our problem and our solution together.


I have been in confusing relationships. Most of all I was in a 5 year relationship that really helped me in developing my intellect and sensitivities, which also played a huge role in discovering myself and those around me.

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