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General Dating Questions/How to approach a situation in which you think your partner may be cheating?


I texted my boyfriend and woke up to this reply: "This is his fiance. Stop texting him."  I attempted to call to figure out why my boyfriend was kidding around. I received the reply that said "What do you want?"  I assumed that it wasn't my boyfriend at all so I ignored the text.  Then,  about an hour later I received another text that said "Why are you texting my fiance?"  I requested that the person call me. She called and told me that she has been dating my boyfriend for a few months and that they were recently engaged.  My boyfriend's mom really likes me so I asked this woman if his mom knew her.  The woman told me that she speaks to my boyfriend's mom all the time and she goes to her house all of the time. She said that he was in bed sleep but she wanted to know if I were having sex with him before she woke him up because she was tired of his lies.  I told her she was welcome to wake him while I was on the phone but she hung up.

I met up with a friend that grew up with my boyfriend.  I'm not close to her or know her all that well.  All I know is that she is close friends with my boyfriend, she's an addict and she feels that people are jealous of her friendship with him. She told me that the woman that called me doesn't realize that she is just a number on the list of women that my boyfriend is sleeping with, that he is not going to stop sleeping around or settle down, that she doesn't realize my boyfriend even has someone pregnant.

My boyfriend said that he hung out with the woman as a friend and forgot his phone.  He said that she was on his phone playing and contacting a lot of people and that he has ended their friendship over it.  I haven't told him what his friend told me yet.   

I really don't know what to think,  who to believe or what to do next

Seeing as how the person who is close to him is telling you that he's an unreliable, womanizer, I would flee. There's nothing left for you to find out. If drama isn't enough if an indication for you to get out of this frenzy, I wouldn't know what else to tell you. Any woman is better than this.

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