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Hello James,

  I have been dating my boyfriend for a year now, and we were solidly happy before. However, he recently fractured his knee and had to have replacement surgery. We lived together before and his parents suggested he come live down the road with them because they'd be able to tend to him better.

We've lived at his parents house for two months now and I sleep on a blow up mattress on the floor and I tend to all his needs while his parents do the bare minimum. His sister (17) seems to have some weird attachment crush with him and is always around laying in my bed and criticizing the way I wash dishes, shower too long etc.

I am basically at my wits end. He has went for a check up appointment and is working on going to PT but this is all extremely hard. I have kept my cool and tried to be supportive and non-complaisant. However, I feel like a prisoner at this point and its ruining our relationship. Ive mentioned this to him a few times and he is still hopeful and trying to be positive but its different because he doesn't realize his sister is always on me, I have to be inconvenienced for his family constantly and I have no life of my own outside of taking care of his every need and attending work.
Is there any advice or guidance on how to handle this situation?
Any advice would definitely be appreciated.

Thank you.

I can only suggest you be more direct and make sure he realizes how miserable the situation is for him. You say he doesn't know how intrusive his sisters are. Make sure he knows. Maybe suggest moving back out? Telling him how bad things have become and how much you want to protect the relationship are just about all you can do.

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