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    I just wanted clarity on my situation so I could confirm if I was over reacting.
I know siblings have bonds (coming from a family of four kids) however, some behavior I've recently exhibited from my boyfriends sister kind of irks me.

    Recently my boyfriend if a year broke his knee and had to have replacement surgery.
His parents sugessted we both stay with them while he recovers. It's been two months now and things were tolerable. They laid me a mattress out in the floor and I tried to cope.
His sister and I got along well and I didn't have an issue.

At first I felt weird because she was always in the room we stay in. Constantly giggling with him and doing weird yoga tricks in tight pants and tank tops. She joke with him in a seductive cute flirty girl voice. Jokingly it went something like "you're the worst ever" and she's like "oh? How bad am I?"

She has came by me when I was washing dishes for them and regulated how much water I could use.
She has came in (without the parents ever mentioning it) and told me "I'm just looking out for you... They were saying you took too long of a shower."
I even came home from work one night dying to fall into my pathetic mattress and she was in my bed wrapped up giggling and watching movies with him. When I walked in she giggled and said "I'm in your bed."
She's just constantly trying to rub his feet and be around him 24/7. Always talking about herself and always has to be the center of his attention.
Before I go insane thinking I'm nuts, can I please ask if this is normal behavior?
It makes me sick to even come back to their house at night and makes me sick to hear her/see hr face.

I appreciate any type of clarity or insight. Thank you.

ANSWER: were you living together?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes we lived together before the accident and we are living at his parents now with the sister. She is 17, he is 28, and I'm 21

if your perceptions are accurately describing the reality, her behavior is questionable...humans are capable of almost anything, so it would make a reasonable person wonder what they do when ALONE...unfortunately, there's not alot you can do--if you say somethin to her she'll just call you crazy, and if you say something to him, he'll do the same and defend her; so, unless it's a dealbreaker, which i doubt, your best bet is to try to ignore it..

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