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QUESTION: will he ever admit it and ask me out or am i reading too much into this and he's just being friendly

There's this guy I used to work with, I now work for another company but in the same building and the same floor as the guy does, well, he passes by my office everyday and takes the stairs when there's an elevator he could take that's even closer to the door way, well I notice how he walks around like he's the one day he was getting on the elevator and he was like u comin I said yes, so he holds the door for me, I said thank you....I in turn ask do you have a gf, he smiles at me and says no......I in turn say I see why..he says why....I said cus you are a cocky pompous azz who thinks he is all that and a bag of chips cuz he's cute....dude said nothing, but put his head down and started smiling at me...but still said nothing and now ever since then he makes sure he sees me everyday in some fashion just to say hi.....he'll tap my door to get my attention and or he'll stick his head in the doorway with this big ol smile on his face and say i was on my way to the bathroom and my friend passed by me and i said i already went and she laughed......its a inside joke we have...well my crush heard me and said imma say that everytime u go...and busted up laughing even as he was getting on the elevator....he told me have a nice night and vice versa......we talk whenever we see each other but its usually when we are alone...we keep it at a hi and bye when coworkers  are around folks are nosey in our building.....some thing we are dating but we arent.....anyway is he crushin on me or just being very friendly? he passes by my office everyday and says hi in the morning  and bye in the evening........whats up with that?

ANSWER: Looks like you're both experiencing some flirtation with one another. And definitely looks like he's exploring some interest in you.

See where it goes!

Have fun

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QUESTION: well I wrote on a piece of paper me and u lunch, with my number and I gave it too him, and he started smiling at me and then he laughed and said we'll see...still smiling at me ....his eyes look surprised....and then I left my office to go outside and he seen me and he said u runnin away already smiling at me..i said no I have 2 run an errand....he said ok, enjoy...... and he watched me get on the that a good sign or what? im confused???? thanks for your help


the fact that you were bold and asked him and all he could mutter was "we'll see" is rather annoying, for me to read at least. I can only imagine how confusing it must be for you. If he doesn't take this opportunity to be a man and address this potential relationship, I would ignore the guy and steer away from a person who boils confusion within you. If he wants games, the toy store sells them; if he wants a woman, or to develop a loving relationship (whether it be short term or long term shouldn't be spoken about) he needs to stop smiling like a goof and be real.



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