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Hello! I am a single 41 year old woman. I have never been romantically involved in any relationships. My question: I prefer to remain unmarried. I am married to GOD. I am afraid of starting a relationship later on, or in the near future. I've been hurt too many times from guys who pretend that they like me. I was hurt by a young male classmate, who pretended to like me. He had all of his friends to join in on the prank --- and it worked!! I fell for the prank, and became the biggest loser!! I never experienced such embarrassment, such sadness, such shamefulness in my life!! It left a mark on me, whereas I cannot trust finding a true soulmate who will either respect, or is looking to be in a committed relationship. But, I mainly understand that it is not being in a committed relationship with a guy, it is all about being committed to GOD and being completed in Him.


I too am religious and believe in having a close relationship with G-d. However, getting married is a G-fly act. G-d lives within a married couple and resides in their home with them. I realize you had a traumatic experience, which truly left a deep scar, however this is not a reason to hold yourself back from finding someone who has a real and honest potential to give to you. You should try and let yourself be free of that memory because you are going to waste your life on the fear of being hurt, when in reality, pain is inevitable and sometimes we can't avoid it because that too comes from G-d. It is part of our learning experience and growth.

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I can answer almost everything. I am religious person who strongly believes in G-d. If spiritual guidance is also something that you are seeking for, then I am careful and competent in that region. I am also very aware that it's hard to ask for help, with that being said, I am sensitive to others feelings and have gone through hardships in relationships, which demonstrates a quality of empathy and consciousness when it comes to everyday dating situations. I can answer break-up confusions/confusions in dating in general. I can NOT read minds and can answer to the best of my ability in regards to the detail you provide me. With that in consideration, please do not send me pages of information. Pick the most important and effective way to explain the problem and we can make this our problem and our solution together.


I have been in confusing relationships. Most of all I was in a 5 year relationship that really helped me in developing my intellect and sensitivities, which also played a huge role in discovering myself and those around me.

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