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Hey, James,

I'm 22, single, never had a girlfriend, and I am FED UP.

Here's my approach.... I don't. I just go with the flow, put myself out there, talk to people and hope something happens. I mainly just try to leave things to chance while at the same time being a tiny bit pro-active. I don't flirt or hit on girls. I dress OK, wear cologne, and I smile a lot.

I make friends pretty easily -- most of them are female (good or bad?) -- and all of them -- yes, EACH AND EVERY ONE -- has a boyfriend. I can make other people laugh easily and usually get along well with others. I just have awful luck, it seems like.

I think I'm too picky. I just.... maybe this will sound shallow, but I just want to be with someone that I find attractive. I'm not asking for a beauty queen -- just someone who dresses nice and I like the way they look. The problem is, I'm ugly. How do I make myself attracted to girls that I'm not attracted to?

I want to lower my standards because it's unrealistic for me to expect to be attracted to the person I'm with. I'm not being sarcastic... today was just a bad day and the semester has ended and I won't see most of my friends until the fall. So I'm lonely, but not desperate or anything.

How do I get a girlfriend, James? I feel like it boils down to the just-be-friends-first approach -- which is generally geared towards guys who aren't experienced (me) -- then there's the macho, handsome pick-up approach for guys who just want to get some. I want more than that!

What do I do?

Thanks. Please write back soon! My sister is my go-to person for this stuff, and right now she's busy and not answering my texts.

I don't really know a single best approach for getting a girlfriend. I myself have been flying solo for a while now so take all I say with a grain of salt. I can relate to finding more attractive women desirable and much lesser so the more average looking girls. I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing to have mostly female friends. It shows you must have a certain sensitivity and don't scare women away with perverse humor like me. lol. I say use it to your advantage. Ask them to set you up on dates since they can attest that you're a normal guy? And if not that focus on common interests. If you like going to sports events go, or sci fi conventions, or the museum. Go somewhere specific that will give you common ground with anyone else that shows up in a given place. Other than these ideas just be relaxed. Be yourself and respect yourself. Women can sense internal conflicts in guys. Just present yourself as as happy as you expect a girlfriend would make you. Hope this helps.

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