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"I have been seeing a woman who is 10 years my senior over the last 3 years or so. She is married woman. Since Easter this year, I have stopped all communication with her and decided to split with her, although I never actually openly expressed it that I want to finish with her. The reason being - I felt over the years that I have always been the one leading the relationship by arranging dates,where to dine out, where to meet and eat etc, even down to the fact that I have to make a conversation, so I always have to initiate in everything. All this has made me bored of the relationship as it seems she is very dull as I always have to initiate. I have always given myself chances to be with her each time about this then I recently decided to put my foot down and stopped all communication as the last time we met, she simply never communicated with me.I was fed up. Since then we never spoke, just recently she greeted on facebook with a "Hi". I replied but nothing else followed.

I have told her about this once before but she denies it all by saying that its me that doesn't open up to her much, which is absolutely wrong. I am a divorcee and her behavior also reminds me of my ex wife as she was also similar.

I just wanted to know, on this basis, have I made the right decision in just leaving her ? Do guys always have to lead the relationship ? I have known her 3 years, so she should be confident enough to decide on things. Am I right in this ?"

Relationships should not be lead only by one person. Both people should take turns, if you feel it is time to end it if you feel she isn't contributing enough feedback than good. My advice would be avoid married women. It factors out reasons for a lack of interest. lol.

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First and foremost if you read ahead you'll find I have a word limit on questions I'll read. This site is for short simple questions and it should not be for writing essays. Please also note I am unfamilar with most cultures outside of United Stated, UK, and France. Please respect my rules. I don't like rejecting questions. I will be the first to admit that I don't know everything about dating, women/men, and interpersonal connections. However I have learned quite a bit vicariously from other people's experiences. Think of my advice as a second opinion. I would be happy to answer all questions related to relationships, dating, self-confidence, and self-image that I can. I have struggled with all of those things and probably know better than most how to deal with all of them.

I hope more than anything that my advice and opinions will help give people perspective in their lives, and hopefully make them feel better about themselves and their situations. I will attempt answering questions for anyone of any age group or nationality. However it would be particularly useful to know the age of all people involved. It does make a difference towards the advice I give. Also not terribly familar with arranged marriages and situations in which the family can dictate the details of the relationship.

My Rules:
1). I can't answer questions that ask if a girl or guy likes the other (very difficult to know remotely)
2). No questions that are More Than 250 Words. I understand that problems can be complex, but there is a real limit to how much I can read and fully understand. Particularly if English isn't the questioner's native language.
3). Only questions from Americans, Canadians, British, and cute French women.
4). No questions that ask the meaning behind if a person sets their FB status to single, coupled, or private or if they still have a dating profile undeleted somewhere. If you're cyber snooping you're likely the issue.


I don't really have any specific experience in this area other than learning from other people's mistakes and a few of my own, and whatever I've learned as a psychology major.

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