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Hello Azure,
Thank you for your time. I am a single 40 year old Jewish woman. I am a physician in a large university setting. I recently went out alone for dinner. The restraunt was full, so I took a seat at the bar. After my meal, I stayed for a glass of wine. I met what I thought to be a nice man, we struck up a conversation over a drink, had a second drink, watched some sports at the bar, I payed my tab and was about to leave when he asked if we could exchamge numbers. I said ok, he walked me to the door and we parted ways. The next day, he TEXTED  me to say he enjoyed meeting me. I found a text odd, is this the standard thesedays? He then told me he had plans for the eveing. Ok? Everyday for three days straight he would text something random, i.e., my roomate is driving me nuts, what are you going to buy me for my birthday, I am really mature for my age, if you think we would make better friends thats ok with me. I finally told him, yes, you seem like a great guy, but I dont feel an attraction and we are best to leave it at that. He replied with an ok and a smiley face.
Whew! Bullet dodged! Or so I thought. He continued to text me for two more days letting me know he was going out. I didnt answer. The final text he sent me read, "YOU ARE A REAL BITCH!". I did not reply and promptly blocked his number from my phone.
My question, "Could I or should I have handled this differently? How do you reject someone gently yet getting your point across?"
Thank you.

you handled it well, the guy was just a jerk; and yes, people have gotten lazy and have become too reliant on texting; the thing you might have done differently was not give out your number, as you probably knew right from the beginning he wasn't your type..

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