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Hi Azure,
I am a 37 year old female having a big dilemma with someone I volunteer with in at work.  I see him several times a week.  It is obvious he likes me.  During the work day, he wants us to take breaks together and will offer to buy me soda and candy--just about anything I want.  He gets a little flirty and stands very close to me--he will use any excuse to get close to me, grab my arm, etc.  He gets excited when someone thinks we are together.  I am not interested in him at all.  We were both invited to a co-worker's wedding reception next week.  First of all, he may ask if I want to drive there together.  Second, I know he will sit with me the entire time because he doesn't know the other guests.  

There is also another man that I am interested in. He will be at the reception also.  We have went out a few times and we seem to like each other's company.  He also works in my company but he works in another building.  

My fear is that I will go to this reception and my "volunteer buddy" will be stuck like glue to me.  I am afraid that my crush will see this and assume I am with him.  My question is, how can I look available at this wedding reception?  Even if I don't sit with my crush, I do not want my volunteer friend acting like we are a couple.  I feel like it will either get ugly between these guys or I will just feel uncomfortable the whole time.  Not sure if the ages matter but they are both in their earlier 40's.  Thanks.

i don't see it as a big problem; the guy you dated apparently didn't ask to go with you, so he really has no say in the matter; also, traditionally at receptions people move around alot, sit at different tables, dance with different people....if this guy you dated is truly interested, he won't let this scenario stop him from asking you out; so, stop worryin, just go and enjoy the moment..

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