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Hey, how're you doing?
I am an Iranian guy in Central Indiana; I am a graduate student; I have started dating an American girl; as she is really lovely and intelectual, I am interested in long-term relationship with her and even possibly marriage. Turning to my question:
Unfortunately, there are some racists out there who make some appalling comments about Iranian guys. I am worried as she dose not know any thing about Iranians, she might talk to some of those people or see some of those  websites with racist comments about Iranians and that might destroy our potential relationship. What should I do?


Hello Sia!

Why are you worrying about a few idiots? If she likes you, they're not going to change her mind.

I don't care who you are or where you live (now). Everyone faces some sort of racism in their lives. I'm as white-bread as you get (see my photo) and even *I'VE* been the victim of racism! (No, I'm not kidding! It goes to show just how ridiculous and stupid it is!)

In fact, it's far more likely that she'll see you as "exotic" and rare by coming from another culture. Here in California where I live, we have a large, healthy, thriving Persian community full of music and foods and culture. We definitely get the best of your homeland but not every community does. While it's not your job to be an ambassador for your ethnicity, you certainly can bring that experience to your local friends and (especially?) this girl.

Focus on that, not a few idiots who come off as such. Remember, you came from a culture that has just as much bigotry as we do here (frankly, more). They'll never be able to overshadow your cultural pride unless you give them the tools to do it.

Best regards...

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