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I have been dating a guy exclusively for about 15 months -- we were friends for about 4-5 years prior. We have different styles of communicating but his drives me nutty!

We talk daily (more often than not) but he has a habit of "disappearing" and not letting me know -- he won't contact me for several days. About a month ago we both decided to try to be more communicative but a few days later, he pulled the disappearing act! During the July 4th holiday I let him know I was angry with him for doing the same thing he just agreed not to do. The next day he went out of town for 2 weeks without so much as a word. I called, emailed, texted and got no response for several days. Then he replied saying he couldn't talk because he's out of town celebrating his birthday with some friends. I only found this out after many desperate attempts to reach him (I didn't know if something had happened or if this way his way of breaking up with me). He responded and said we were fine and he'll talk to me when he gets back. Naturally it made me angry and hurt that he resorted to the same behavior he said days before he'd change. I don't suspect him of cheating at all and he was this way when we were just friends.

I don't know how to address this most recent 2 week disappearing act without getting yelling and making him defensive. How can I get him to understand that I don't agree with this behavior without making it seem like I'm attacking him? I don't want to argue and I don't want to make him defensive.

the bigger question is, why are you even WITH someone this inconsiderate and disrespectful? his "single guy" lifestyle, which certainly can include other women, shows this relationship isn't that important to him, and worse, he KNOWS that you're not goin anywhere despite his ridiculous behavior; yet here you are, worried about "attacking"him/making him "defensive"...really, there's no valid defense here, just stupid excuses;

the way to change this, if you truly want to, is with changing your behavior; you have 3 choices; 1st, stop communicating with him for 2 weeks, so he knows what it feels like; 2d, INFORM him what your REQUIREMENTS are for you to continue in the relationships, or you're out; 3rd, if he were the guy for you, steps 1 and 2 would never be necessary...this realization would lead to ending this addiction, rebuilding your self-esteem, and finding a guy that can love and respect you...

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