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I have been talking to this guy Bryce for a few months now and things have been going really well. I have noticed that one of his "flaws" is that he's not good at communicating. It's hard to know how he's feeling and texting/emailing him is very dry.
Bryce went on a vacation. It's an outdoor off the grid backpacking vacation and he has been gone for two weeks and he has one week left. He just got back to a place where he has internet access and he sent me an email but it was completely detached.  

" We finished the trek yesterday and got to the hotel late last night. We are wondering around town and staying in hotels so should have access to email. "

It upsets me that after not talking for two weeks, and I'm so curious to know how everything is going, he sends me one short sentence...? Should I be worried? Should I tell him I wish he would communicate more? I'm crazy about him because he has all the qualities I could want in a man and I just want to know if I'm wasting my time or not.
The only thing I see wrong with him (at this moment) is the lack of communication. I have a general feeling of how he feels for me but I don't know since he's never said anything.

I'm all about communication. I want to ask him but I'm not sure how? I don't want to unload everything I'm feeling and put him off but I don't want him to know how his lack of communication makes me feel.
Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Hi, Amanda.

This is a good and not uncommon question. How is he in person - is he more attentive and affectionate? If so, then writing the way he does is probably just his style. He is not good or he doesn't want to write out overly romantic, sentimental messages and he uses it for basic communication purposes only, almost like a walkie talkie.
If he is "dry" in real life too, then you have to ask yourself how much it matters to you and what it says about him exactly in the context of not only his words but also his behavior and actions with you.

In any event, there is no shame in bringing this up with him once you see him - you don't have to force him or accuse him of anything, but it's perfectly appropriate to tell him that you wish that he showed a bit more warmth in his e-mails. After all, sometimes we, guys, do this completely unintentionally.   



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