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Hi Dr Dennis,Thank you for your time.
My question is in regards to a male married co worker and whether he is trying to flirt with me or just being kind?
We have worked together for 4yrs, in the first year or so I was shy of him and I avoided working with him if I could...he is a senior colleague, assertive,10+yrs older and powerful...which i found intimidating!
What changed was I "noticed" him! the reason i noticed him is that he used kind words towards me during stressful times at work, oneday he decorated my work area with balloons, another time he gave me ethnic items to decorate my work area (I enjoy creative things around my personal work space).
At the time I received the gifts it was unexpected and I did not know if he was being kind or flirting? But I definitely became aware of him! over the last two years he has continued to compliment me on a professional level, i have caught him staring at me, but he doesn't look away,i do as i become uncomfortable, he looks really pleased to see if his smile radiates into his eyes, he tease me, jokes with men and is chivalrous. He approaches me for conversations unrelated to work, by the way Im not ignoring his kindness as I chat with him, thank him and will start conversations with him.
He knows im married, so is this kind gestures...or a married man trying to see where it goes?

Hello Elles!

From your description it's difficult to gauge whether it's flirting or not. In general, flirting takes a more intimate, personal direction but not everyone flirts in the same way.

He's obviously aware of you and frankly, that's all you need to turn it into something more but you need to consider what you really want here. Is it just an ego boost or is it something else? Why? Further, what does all of this have to do with your work environment?


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