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im 32 black and he is 27 hispanic and he is a store manager at a grocery store...from the looks of things he is doing quite well for himself. well ive had a couple of customers ask me was I his girlfriend..i said no.....and he looked up at me and then put his head down....anyway he is shorter than me im 5'3 and he is 5'0 and he is fluffy ( I normally don't date men of that stature ) but if he was to ask me out id give him a chance, he seems like a very nice guy who has a great head on his shoulders..he picks on me constantly, he asked me what was my name, where do i work, do i like my job etc...(personal questions) and im like who does that unless they like you? he knows I LOVE to cook so now he asks me what am I going to cook him......lmbo.....he will stop doing his work with a line full of customers just to turn around and tell me hi, even my brother was like that dude wants you.....

well on Monday 1/11/2016 I went up to him and I was like, hey and he turned around and stared at me with this shocked/stunned looked on his face and I said here and I gave him a folded piece of paper with my name and number on it and I walked away..he watched me walk away and said nothing, .since I gave him my number, do you think he will finally get some courage and call me and ask me out? i was thinking about giving him till monday 1/18/2016 and if he doesnt try and contact me or if i go into the store this weekend and see him and if he says nothing about what i did or try to set up something , im going to move on and maybe it wasnt what i thought it could be.......

my bff told me to wait for him since could be very, very shy and wait longer than a week or approach him and ask him to hang out but i think i did enough....i let him know hey i like you too, thats why i gave him my number. do you think he will call and FINALLY ask me out? thanks for any advice you may have for me.

Hello, Leona. It sounds like you have done everything a woman could and should do and beyond to make her interest clear. You don't need to put any deadlines on this, as they don't really mean anything. If he doesn't ask you out now after all this, it means that either he is not interested, or too shy. Either way, this means that you should move on and set your sight on someone else without looking back.



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