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Dear Azure,

I've been chatting with a 41 y/o woman thru an online dating site where I approached her (both look for relationships, and we've been sending msgs back and forth, asking and explaining, for 6 days or so. On Tue, at the end of my reply I told her that I liked her, and then asked her out like this:

"I want to invite you to a coffee and chocolate place where we can have a nice time and chat. Would this Friday be convenient for you?"

As we don't really know each other, i can't have a specific place, but i sound like it's going to be at Starbucks (she says she likes first dates for coffee). I don't want to ask where she is b/c she might have safety concerns, and I don't want to press her asking what she's doing and when, so i left it open

At the end of the msg I signed my name and my cell number (I'm a very private person and don't give my number easily, but I don't intend to send msgs forever at that dating site), and also to show her I'm well-intentioned

The next morning she left a msg:

"Good morning Richard. This weekend is a little though. Friday is my cousins birthday and going to dinner with her, Saturday I have a pool party and Sunday is Father's Day"

Pool party all day!? Wow! Can I show up? Just kidding!

She might be brushing me off? or testing how interested I am? playing hard to get? She might just be being sincere?

But I also have things on the weekend: 2 parties, Fathers Day, etc but even though, I made some room for her on Fri after work

At this point I decided not to bother her anymore during the weekend, but it was still Wed night, and I didn't want to leave her hanging w/o reply b/c she's replied to me all these days, etc...

So I wanted to be corteous, but I don't want to sound like I'm elated about her answer either, but honestly, I'd like her to have the best time! ... so I wrote:

"Good Morning Daisy. Thank you for letting me know. I agree with you, my weekend is also booked with 2 bdays, and Father's Day; that is why I set apart Fri after work to meet up. But sweetheart, I'm glad you're looking forward to a great weekend. Have fun!
Sincerely. Richard"

What could you tell me about my case? Did I messed up? Where? What can I do next?

Thank you in advance,


we'll give you a B...first, it's time to move past the emails, pick up the phone and actually converse; i always recommend talking on the phone before meeting anyone, because it reveals so much more, to the point where you may not even want to meet whoever it is; 2d, I think she really IS busy, so no big deal; 3d, you can't be using "sweetheart" when you haven't even met--save such terms for when an actual "relationship" has evolved; also, "sincerely" a tad formal...just use "R", your next move is to early next week suggest talking on the phone, at which time if all goes well, you can make a new plan with her to meet up...

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