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I have a random question about something we want to do at my company with our IT support email list. We started a web form that people can use to request IT support and it sends us an email with a clear description of the problem. The users choose categories (which software is screwing up and stuff like that) and then it sends it to our distribution list in Outlook. The problem is, we can't get screen shots from the users this way, and from what I've read, there's not an easy solution for making a box someone can copy and paste a screenshot into. I was wondering if it's possible to use the form to instead create an email in Outlook. As in, the user selects the software problem as usual, enters the specifics, and then the form could create and open an email to our distribution list with the subject line created by the form, and then the user could paste something into THAT. Is that possible? Let me know if this is clear at all or if I'm making no sense. :-)

Thank you!

Well, what you are asking a really quite a bit more difficult than simply providing one with an ability to upload an image into the form itself.  However a simple method would be to create the form in PHP allowing the form variables (entered query elements) to pass on to a new page (one that instead of handling the contact form, will simply place the form results into a link that automatically opens the users email client with pre-filled information).  But this would not only make no sense but also is unprofessional.  I say this because, 1) Many people do not use email clients but rather online email programs that take some computer knowledge to set up as a default mail client.  2) It opens an email client whereas they could just simply do that themselves by you providing them with an email address.  and 3) It would require about as much programming as simply creating the form with an upload attachment for on it.

I hope that I understood your question properly rather than responded in such a way that it did not resolve the issue.  But If I did understand you correctly, and you'd prefer to handle this by adding an attachment upload option to a form, here a good tutorial on how to do this...

Please let me know if this helps... otherwise maybe clarify the question for me.  

John Martin  

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