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Dear Expert,

I am trying to download free videos available from a news website.Most of the time I can download videos using real player but for this website I am not able to download videos.
Kindly guide me how can this be done.

Looking for your help!!

Kind regards,

There is a free program called orbit that you can use to download virtually any video from the net.  Its avaialable for firefox.  download and then run orbit ...

Once you activate orbit, right click on the orbit icon in you quickstart icons in the lower left hand of your monitor (screen) and select  GRAB++ from the context menu....  this opens the downloader window.  then when you go to the page with the video you want to download, it will appear in the list in that window.

Some videos dont download because they load in packets (as apposed to bufferring a full video).  If the videos dont appear in that GRAB++ window, they can not be downloaded very easily.  real player is not very effective for grabbing a lot of videos such as those on news websites.  Orbit should work for you. Orbit seems to work fine for the URL you posted here in your question but let me know if you have a problem getting it to work for you.

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