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Greetings Fernando D.

I am a Front-End Web Developer (so I do the HTML, CSS and Javascript of a website). I consider my knowledge of database to be basic, since I took only 1 database subject in college and know how to fetch data through PHP.

I built a website for a client that was fairly simple (it contained information only). Now he wants to add a database to store user information in it. The website was built using HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript and no Content Management System was used.

How can I get started with designing and building a database for my website?

Thank you

ps: you can redirect me to a good website or book that discusses the same issue. I know programming so don't mind technical language.

Back-end is another world Jose,

If you study a Microsoft Access Database Tutorial, you should be able to practice offline and make sense of what you are already doing in the front-end.

A good tutorial is at

Best Wishes,

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