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I am currently building a professional website for a small company. Is there a way to embed a blog in the website? Or is everybody just linking to Wordpress or Blogger, and calling it good?


ANSWER: There are almost a countless number of blog scripts that you can use (more often referred to as Content Management Systems [CMS]) but Wordpress is no hype.  As most people don't realize, Wordpress is the most versatile CMS on the market and it's free to use.  With nearly every possible plugin you can think of, the ability to create themes and plugins for yourself and so much more.  People don't realize that Wordpress is even used by cNet, CNN, and nearly every major website on the Internet because of it's ease of use and the ability to create nearly any kind of website from Blog to ecommerce.  As a matter of fact, I have two clients at the moment and both ofthem use Wordpress.

Blogger on the other hand is linked to only because of viral marketting.  I do not recommend it and it's much more limited than any CMS that I know of.

You can find a list of all the major CMSs on the market here...

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Thanks again for your quick and helpful response. Using Wordpress for my site, would I be able to maintain my site’s design? Or would I have to create a new design in Wordpress, for a blog and a forum? Might all this be handled through the hosting service (DreamHost)? I've never used Wordpress, so obviously I'm confused about how this will work.

Thanks again, John!


ANSWER: First let's talk about the setup process for Wordpress.  There are two ways to do this...

MANUALLY:  upload the wordpress files to a webspace, create a database in phpMyAdmin, then go to the URL where oyu installed wordpress and run the setup procedures.  (If you are unfamiliar with databases or setup procedures, most developers will do this for you for just a small cost)
AUTOMATICALLY:  If your hosting provider has a web application installer in the control panel, you can just install wordpress using that by simply filling out the details and clicking a button... then ts ready to go.

How Wordpress works..

Here is a website that allows you to DEMO both the front end (what the visitors see) and the back-end (the administrator area) of wordpress.

There are hundreds of different themes that can be installed at the click of a button in the backend admin area of wordpress.  You can also purchase pro themes all over the internet.  Once they are installed, a new setting will appear in your admin area for changing the theme layout to certain specifications (such as logos, headers, footer and many other details)  The settings often depend on how advanced the theme is that you installed or purchased.

Wordpress is easy to operate because it is a content management system.  Once it is installed, it requires no programming skills to add, chage or delete content in your site.  You just log in as an administrator using th eusername and password you setup during installation... then administer the site....  you can see that from the demo that is provided here

You just use the navigation on the left (when logged into the admin area)

You can also add from hundreds or thousands of available plugins.  Plugins let oyu do extra stuff on your site that can turn the site into far more than simply a blog.  CNN, Fox News, and many sites like this also Use wordpress.  Currently I am setting up an entire ecommerce solution (web store) using wordpress for a client.  The sky is the limit.

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My confusion continues, and I would appreciate any guidance you can provide.

I uploaded my website files to DreamHost for the domain

When I tried to install WordPress, I got a message that "the directory" had to be empty. (Do you know why that was necessary?) So I deleted my uploaded website, and was able to have WordPress installed. And I set up a blog on WordPress.

Then I re-uploaded my website files to the folder on DreamHost.

How do I hook up WordPress to the website? How do I work it so that, when you click "Blog" on my website, you go to the WordPress blog?

Thanks again for your help,


Wordpress must be installed in an empty folder.  For example, if you have a website already at ...and you want wordpres sas a blog outside of that current site, you will want to install wordpress in a folder (eg.  You see, wordpress itself is an entire site with a content management system... so if you install it where you have your current site, you are essentially trying to have two wesite in the exact same spot.  Just create a folder called "blog" and then install wordpress to that location.  You will then be able to link to "" or go to "" to administer the blog using the wordpress admin panel.

Optionally, you could also create a sub-domain instead like I do.  For example, in your hosting control panel, create "" and then install your wordpress to that location and administer it via "".

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