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Do you know how the software "scareware" is created? I do know it has something to do with programming.

I'm just curious and wanted to know for educational purposes only. Since I'm a Magician anything that's a secret interest me. There are no books written about the topic on Amazon. It's like a mystery that some how only a few people know about.

I've got some of my own Magic videos online at if you want to see them.

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Since anti-viruses have the ability to quickly stop viruses from being installed or used on you computer, a scareware tactic is created to trick people into downloading and "accepting" the virus personally.

One example, someone may create a toolbar for you to download.  Innocent enough, one will download the toolbar not knowing that this toolbar created pop-ups at random that looks like a warning message telling you that a malicious virus has been detected on your computer ...and that if you download their anit-virus program, it will get rid of it.  But instead of downloading an anti-virus program, you are really installing the virus manually.

In some cases, it may not be a toolbar that does this.  It could just be a popup on a website (although less effective because it goes away when you go away from that website).

So basically scareware is just any attempt to "scare" a person into downloading their program in the hopes to save themselves from this apparent attack.... only to be suckered into downloading and installing something far worse.  

Anti-viruses find it very difficult to catch on to most of these but thanks to browsers now implimenting the ability to block phishing websites, these incodents are now much rarer than they used to be.  Major browsers will often block you from visiting sites that do this to people.

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