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hello sir ,iam pursuing 1st year in computer science engineering and very much interested in web design .sir please tell what all the courses to be mastered to create a social networking sites like facebook which has everything in it.i have just completed learning c language and please tell me what all the courses needed to create a social networking site.

Social networking sites such as Facebook consists of many parts to it's internal language and therefore I will simply break this down for you (followed by an explanation of each).

Standard HTML:  this also includes HTML5 and other basic components of the HTML language which is the base construct of any website you encounter.  Even if you plan on learning this in school, my advice is to always teach yourself the basics at home and build a few sample practice sites prior to going to school.  Most classes will assume that everyone taking them will know the basics on HTML before even doing so.  Taking an entry level web design class in college without first knowing the basics is like taking a college level prerequisite English course without knowing how to read. They will assume you've covered the basics yourself before going.  I'm assuming you know this yourself but if not, here is a good place to self teach yourself the basics...  

PHP:  PHP is not a separate programming language (as many tend to believe) but rather a construct that is added on to HTML that allows you to turn your website into an interactive site that communicates with a local database.  Learning PHP will allow you to turn a simple website into one with a user log-in system, user and profile managers, content management and more.  Alternatively, you can learn ASP but is not recommended by itself because it's a rarely used construct that many servers are not even compatible with.  Additionally, you will want to familiarize yourself with databases (preferably MySQL) when learning PHP.

Online Security:  With any site that you plan on being a high traffic interactive site, security is a must.  You will need to familiarize yourself with tactics required to prevent excessive spam, hacking, exploits, and other uses for a secure server protocol such as Secure Sockets Layers and SSL Certificates.  

Scripts:  In order to prevent your site from being just boring content site with communication capabilities, you will also want to learn at least the basics in Javascript, Ajax and jQuery (in that order to make it easier to learn).  This provides you with ability to allow externally created interactive content such as the fan pages utilities and games that you see on Facebook... provided that you also include an Application programming interface (API) system as well. (explained next)

API:  Application programming interface systems are what allows other developers the ability to read and interact with the content of your sites database where you specify is allowed (and to a specified extent)...  without actually giving them controlled access to the database itself.  It's like having a middle man who generates database content to a location that is accessible using API keys rather than database usernames and passwords.  This lets people create apps that allows that app to interact with the users account without risking malicious activity being done to your database.  An API system is optional of course, and I also don't recommend using it at first as this is far to complicated until which time it becomes a requirement.  ...tis also why you won't see an API system on sites that are not extremely popular to begin with.  Plus this is not something you want to attempt unless you have become (or employed) and expert in site security issues.

Your current schooling tells me that I don't have to go into too much detail about servers and how important it is that you should be running your own servers (as apposed to rented ones) when and if your site manages to become popular and very populated. ..among other topics that have less to do with the development and more to do with the servers they operate on.

Lastly (which in most cases should have been mentioned first but I only mention here as a side note) ...the design (look and feel) of the website [separate from the development itself] is more of aesthetic issue.  For this, you will need not only schooling but a natural talent in art to begin with.  If you do not have this, you can always hire a graphic artist.  However, if you feel you have this talent, I would look into graphic design as well.
Well this covers the programming aspects of a social networking site on a “minimal scale” {maniacal laugh goes here}.  Nonetheless, like I said, this is programming only and does not include what it takes to make the site a real success.  By this I mean, marketing research, trend tracking, search engine optimization, advertising, multimedia and so forth.  However the basics of these will be included in some of the programming classes that you take along the way.  Nonetheless, you'll later discover that these are not so much skills as they are self-developed talents.  The better you are at these, the more successful you will become.

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