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Hi John,

I took your advice and created a sub-domain for my WordPress blog. If you would be so kind, I had a few follow-up questions.

1.  On my index.html page, when I reference the WordPress blog page, does it make any difference if I use:


2. For the forum I need to create, WordPress itself doesn't seem to have that kind of capability. Did I miss something? Is there some other software I need to install?

Thanks again!

Wordpress must be installed in an empty folder.  For example, if you have a website already at ...and you want wordpres sas a blog outside of that current site, you will want to install wordpress in a folder (eg.  You see, wordpress itself is an entire site with a content management system... so if you install it where you have your current site, you are essentially trying to have two wesite in the exact same spot.  Just create a folder called "blog" and then install wordpress to that location.  You will then be able to link to "" or go to "" to administer the blog using the wordpress admin panel.

Optionally, you could also create a sub-domain instead like I do.  For example, in your hosting control panel, create "" and then install your wordpress to that location and administer it via "".
John W Martin

First of all, you never reference the wp-admin folder.  That foolder is just for you to go to when you want to log in as an administrator to edit your site.  It's best to reference but be sure to do the following....

1. Log in to
2. In the left tabs, choose [settings]->[General]
3. Make sure "WordPress Address (URL)" and "Site Address (URL)" both have in them.
4.  Then Save Changes.

BY doing this, you make sure that no matter what anyone uses to get to that blog, the URL box in their browser will always show the correct URL.  This is best for search Engine Optimization backlinks to your site.  You don't have to put a www in front of a leading subdomain domain.

For a forum... This would require installing a plugin.  Not to worry, Wordpress makes this easy.  It's a one click install procedure.

1. Go to the plugin section of your site (using the left menu items in your admin area)
2.  Click "Add New"
3. Search for "Forum" and you will find many that you can choose from.

SUGGESTION:  I suggest you search for and install a plugin called "Mingle" and then search and install the plugin "Mingle Forum" for best results.  The Mingle plugin will allow you to make sure members remain out of your administrator area when logging in and out and administering their account.  Then the Mingle Forum will allow simple functionality with a forum on your site.

The plugins come with installation and setup instructions... but more or less, to install, you just have to click "install" when you find the right plugin.  After it installs, it will ask you if you want to activate it.  Of course you do that as well.  

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